Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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I finally got a haircut. A lot of them

Professor Says 'Mathematics...Operates As Whiteness' http://flip.it/EnZ.E-
Objectifying Women? Ellen DeGeneres Slammed for Breast-Ogling Tweet to Katy Perry http://flip.it/35Fe8p
Good Samaritan Stops Kidnapping With Gun http://flip.it/.2FWg-
Sen. Lindsey Graham: If we don't pass tax reform, Democrats will take the House and try to impeach Trump http://flip.it/DbVuG2
The U.S. Just Released Thousands of JFK Assassination Documents. Here's What They Say http://flip.it/YzrBH1
Twitter just admitted a huge counting error with its users http://flip.it/0lcg_h
Here's What Dems Wanted You to Believe About the Trump-Russia Dossier http://flip.it/_4H5on
Now it's really Trump's party http://flip.it/iiVYn3
The plot to overthrow America - oh, that's just a fantasy, right? http://flip.it/C3dHXY
We Visited a WWI Memorial a Court Ordered to Be Removed. Here’s What We Saw. http://flip.it/I4h.-I
Bill Gates Tacitly Admits His Common Core Experiment Was A Failure http://flip.it/15dJ_7
While Trump Is Tweeting, These 3 People Are Undoing American Government as We Know It http://flip.it/IMIMr9
Trump's problem with North Korea is not nuclear weapons http://flip.it/SJ66_l
Can we get a copy of the Constitution that the DNC Chair is using, please? http://flip.it/c7uGAs
Why were US soldiers even in Niger? America’s shadow wars in Africa, explained. http://flip.it/evqe7s
Bill to be introduced to prevent Donald Trump launching military action on North Korea without vote http://flip.it/w3mwo8
What Putin was really after, Warren’s dubious #MeToo & other comments http://flip.it/5Rcfqj
Why doesn’t Hillary’s ‘dossier’ trick count as treason? http://flip.it/nNB7Kd
For the first time ever, a robot was granted citizenship http://flip.it/-XNlg8
Jay Sekulow: Victory! IRS admits Tea Party, other conservative groups were targets during Obama era http://flip.it/Nw-i5b
WATCH: Hillary Drastically Changes Her Tone On Trump After Revelation Of Dossier Funding http://flip.it/v30Sen
Media Elite Who Got Rich on Sexual Deviancy Turn on Another One of Their Own http://flip.it/JzwaCs
George H.W. Bush Acknowledges Groping Multiple Women http://flip.it/7GNO0Q
GOP leaders gamble with budget vote http://flip.it/_1NmO3
US launches 'most advanced' stealth sub amid undersea rivalry http://flip.it/a7AvUn
North Korea steps up security around monuments to Kim family as anger grows over poor living standards http://flip.it/Y2oGZT
More than 50 years of theories: JFK file release imminent http://flip.it/e07U.P
BREAKING: Obama DOJ Allegedly Threatened FBI Informant To Silence Him On Russian Nuclear Corruption http://flip.it/XzRczU

Miami cops stop providing security

Miami COPS STOP providing security for protesting Dolphins players!!! http://flip.it/tbWLEx

This is politics

Republican Investigator Trey Gowdy Stops Pretending, Admits ‘This Is Politics’ http://flip.it/bsOShE

Wall prototype

See All 8 Prototypes for Trump’s ‘Big, Beautiful’ Border Wall http://flip.it/cgVrBB

Fire the managers

What This Company Learned When It 'Fired' All Its Managers http://flip.it/QGzou8

Bowe bergdahl

Bowe Bergdahl’s Sentencing Delayed Over Trump’s Comments http://flip.it/8YiNwT

Dems have Russia problem

Now Democrats have a Russia problem http://flip.it/o5JvtW

Air force could recall pilots

Air Force could recall up to 1,000 retired pilots after Trump order http://flip.it/1RmDTi

Ice arrests sex abuser

ICE Arrests a Sexual Abuser and 4 More Illegal Aliens After NYC Refuses to Cooperate http://flip.it/Ktnf6D

JFK gets released

Trump Says He Will Release Final Set of Documents on Kennedy Assassination http://flip.it/DYK4vW

Judge blocks immigration order

Judge Blocks Trump Immigration Order, Saying Borders Are Unconstitutional http://flip.it/EAuTyP

To kill a mockingbird

Why Pulling ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ From the Classroom Hurts Students http://flip.it/sPmlfC

North Korea questions

North Korea Knowns and Unknowns http://flip.it/HgIObS

Media makes up stories

Poll: 46 percent think media make up stories about Trump http://flip.it/NTr394

Who pays the most in taxes

The Facts About Who Pays the Most in Taxes in America http://flip.it/ts9pZW

US military on hi alert

The US military is on high alert, as a possible miscalculation with North Korea could lead to war http://flip.it/S2dHDN

Republicans are in deep trouble

Here's why Republicans are in deep trouble in 2018 http://flip.it/OJSFtR

Reporters find out how hard it is

Cops invite media to subdue suspects ‘resisting arrest’ without force — it’s harder than they think http://flip.it/Cu52VC

FBI hid evidence

REPORT: FBI Hid Evidence Tying The Clintons To A Russian Bribery Scheme http://flip.it/s4nrIe

Bipartisan agreement

Senators Reach Bipartisan Agreement to Fund Payments That Trump Called a 'Gravy Train' http://flip.it/USVf4y

Be prepared for the worst

U.S. diplomat warns to be 'prepared for the worst' right after N. Korean official reportedly shuts down diplomacy http://flip.it/TClCC6

Trump killing obamacare

President Trump admits he’s trying to kill Obamacare. That’s illegal. http://flip.it/2jsaW7

Dark Phoenix

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Director Announces Filming Has Wrapped http://flip.it/VhDqF0

James bond

James Bond star Daniel Craig wants Monica Bellucci as leading lady for next 007 film - even thought she'll be 55 http://flip.it/.eHd1Z


North Korea May Have Actually Nuked Itself Out Of A Nuclear Test Site http://flip.it/9ABKGS

David Clark

Watch: David Clarke Goes On Fox News, It Doesn't Even Take Him 3 Minutes To Put Hillary In Her Place http://flip.it/r9mIQA

Ted Cruz

‘We could face a BLOODBATH’ warns Ted Cruz… http://flip.it/pwykgI

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon Explains Why His Late Night Show Hasn’t Joined The Anti-Donald Trump Bandwagon http://flip.it/__.3X9

Trumps border wall

Trump's border wall prototypes revealed http://flip.it/j0hdAs

Thursday, October 12, 2017

While Netflix hikes, Hulu drops price for its entry-level plan http://flip.it/DUeiJX
Trump begins Obamacare dismantling with executive order http://flip.it/5dDGvc
Yellowstone supervolcano may blow sooner than thought — and could wipe out life on the planet http://flip.it/s-Ae4h
Trump's Call to Shutdown Broadcast News Puts Media in No-Win Situation http://flip.it/493imt
Some legal pundits say NFL will face First Amendment lawsuit over forcing players to stand http://flip.it/NkeWw3
Steve Bannon warned Trump about the 25th Amendment, and Trump didn't know what it was http://flip.it/91jh8-

Sunday, October 8, 2017

6 Reasons Your Right-Wing Friend Isn’t Budging On Gun Control http://flip.it/LXxSIt
Trump on North Korea: 'Only one thing will work' http://flip.it/54dXJ6
Paul Ryan Comes Forward, Reveals Truth About Trump With Just 2 Words http://flip.it/WkoTXT
While Trying to Destroy Obamacare, Trump Says He’ll Work with Dems on Healthcare Reform http://flip.it/qiQceE
Chris Matthews Mocks Republicans Who Rightly Believe The ‘Right To Bear Arms Precedes The Constitution’ http://flip.it/1UPIei

Friday, October 6, 2017

A robot just performed one of the most precise medical procedures for the first time ever http://flip.it/mnCSvI
Statistician Who Championed Stringent Gun Control Now Argues Against It After Studying Data http://flip.it/yF0RzQ
Mattis Contradicts Trump on Iran Deal Ahead of Crucial Deadline http://flip.it/ftr4Je
FLASHBACK: Reporter Tries To Prove Buying An 'Assault Rifle' Is Easy, Gets REJECTED http://flip.it/vSVFm9
Conspiracy theorists are already having their doubts about the Vegas shootings http://flip.it/Jdtztq
The depressing truth about gun control http://flip.it/Iioj3W
Angry GOP donors close their wallets http://flip.it/94Eq11

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