Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hi all's

I finally got a haircut. A lot of them

Professor Says 'Mathematics...Operates As Whiteness' http://flip.it/EnZ.E-
Objectifying Women? Ellen DeGeneres Slammed for Breast-Ogling Tweet to Katy Perry http://flip.it/35Fe8p
Good Samaritan Stops Kidnapping With Gun http://flip.it/.2FWg-
Sen. Lindsey Graham: If we don't pass tax reform, Democrats will take the House and try to impeach Trump http://flip.it/DbVuG2
The U.S. Just Released Thousands of JFK Assassination Documents. Here's What They Say http://flip.it/YzrBH1
Twitter just admitted a huge counting error with its users http://flip.it/0lcg_h
Here's What Dems Wanted You to Believe About the Trump-Russia Dossier http://flip.it/_4H5on
Now it's really Trump's party http://flip.it/iiVYn3
The plot to overthrow America - oh, that's just a fantasy, right? http://flip.it/C3dHXY
We Visited a WWI Memorial a Court Ordered to Be Removed. Here’s What We Saw. http://flip.it/I4h.-I
Bill Gates Tacitly Admits His Common Core Experiment Was A Failure http://flip.it/15dJ_7
While Trump Is Tweeting, These 3 People Are Undoing American Government as We Know It http://flip.it/IMIMr9
Trump's problem with North Korea is not nuclear weapons http://flip.it/SJ66_l
Can we get a copy of the Constitution that the DNC Chair is using, please? http://flip.it/c7uGAs
Why were US soldiers even in Niger? America’s shadow wars in Africa, explained. http://flip.it/evqe7s
Bill to be introduced to prevent Donald Trump launching military action on North Korea without vote http://flip.it/w3mwo8
What Putin was really after, Warren’s dubious #MeToo & other comments http://flip.it/5Rcfqj
Why doesn’t Hillary’s ‘dossier’ trick count as treason? http://flip.it/nNB7Kd
For the first time ever, a robot was granted citizenship http://flip.it/-XNlg8
Jay Sekulow: Victory! IRS admits Tea Party, other conservative groups were targets during Obama era http://flip.it/Nw-i5b
WATCH: Hillary Drastically Changes Her Tone On Trump After Revelation Of Dossier Funding http://flip.it/v30Sen
Media Elite Who Got Rich on Sexual Deviancy Turn on Another One of Their Own http://flip.it/JzwaCs
George H.W. Bush Acknowledges Groping Multiple Women http://flip.it/7GNO0Q
GOP leaders gamble with budget vote http://flip.it/_1NmO3
US launches 'most advanced' stealth sub amid undersea rivalry http://flip.it/a7AvUn
North Korea steps up security around monuments to Kim family as anger grows over poor living standards http://flip.it/Y2oGZT
More than 50 years of theories: JFK file release imminent http://flip.it/e07U.P
BREAKING: Obama DOJ Allegedly Threatened FBI Informant To Silence Him On Russian Nuclear Corruption http://flip.it/XzRczU

Miami cops stop providing security

Miami COPS STOP providing security for protesting Dolphins players!!! http://flip.it/tbWLEx

This is politics

Republican Investigator Trey Gowdy Stops Pretending, Admits ‘This Is Politics’ http://flip.it/bsOShE

Wall prototype

See All 8 Prototypes for Trump’s ‘Big, Beautiful’ Border Wall http://flip.it/cgVrBB

Fire the managers

What This Company Learned When It 'Fired' All Its Managers http://flip.it/QGzou8

Bowe bergdahl

Bowe Bergdahl’s Sentencing Delayed Over Trump’s Comments http://flip.it/8YiNwT

Dems have Russia problem

Now Democrats have a Russia problem http://flip.it/o5JvtW

Air force could recall pilots

Air Force could recall up to 1,000 retired pilots after Trump order http://flip.it/1RmDTi

Ice arrests sex abuser

ICE Arrests a Sexual Abuser and 4 More Illegal Aliens After NYC Refuses to Cooperate http://flip.it/Ktnf6D

JFK gets released

Trump Says He Will Release Final Set of Documents on Kennedy Assassination http://flip.it/DYK4vW

Judge blocks immigration order

Judge Blocks Trump Immigration Order, Saying Borders Are Unconstitutional http://flip.it/EAuTyP

To kill a mockingbird

Why Pulling ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ From the Classroom Hurts Students http://flip.it/sPmlfC

North Korea questions

North Korea Knowns and Unknowns http://flip.it/HgIObS

Media makes up stories

Poll: 46 percent think media make up stories about Trump http://flip.it/NTr394

Who pays the most in taxes

The Facts About Who Pays the Most in Taxes in America http://flip.it/ts9pZW

US military on hi alert

The US military is on high alert, as a possible miscalculation with North Korea could lead to war http://flip.it/S2dHDN

Republicans are in deep trouble

Here's why Republicans are in deep trouble in 2018 http://flip.it/OJSFtR

Reporters find out how hard it is

Cops invite media to subdue suspects ‘resisting arrest’ without force — it’s harder than they think http://flip.it/Cu52VC

FBI hid evidence

REPORT: FBI Hid Evidence Tying The Clintons To A Russian Bribery Scheme http://flip.it/s4nrIe

Bipartisan agreement

Senators Reach Bipartisan Agreement to Fund Payments That Trump Called a 'Gravy Train' http://flip.it/USVf4y

Be prepared for the worst

U.S. diplomat warns to be 'prepared for the worst' right after N. Korean official reportedly shuts down diplomacy http://flip.it/TClCC6

Trump killing obamacare

President Trump admits he’s trying to kill Obamacare. That’s illegal. http://flip.it/2jsaW7

Dark Phoenix

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Director Announces Filming Has Wrapped http://flip.it/VhDqF0

James bond

James Bond star Daniel Craig wants Monica Bellucci as leading lady for next 007 film - even thought she'll be 55 http://flip.it/.eHd1Z


North Korea May Have Actually Nuked Itself Out Of A Nuclear Test Site http://flip.it/9ABKGS

David Clark

Watch: David Clarke Goes On Fox News, It Doesn't Even Take Him 3 Minutes To Put Hillary In Her Place http://flip.it/r9mIQA

Ted Cruz

‘We could face a BLOODBATH’ warns Ted Cruz… http://flip.it/pwykgI

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon Explains Why His Late Night Show Hasn’t Joined The Anti-Donald Trump Bandwagon http://flip.it/__.3X9

Trumps border wall

Trump's border wall prototypes revealed http://flip.it/j0hdAs

Thursday, October 12, 2017

While Netflix hikes, Hulu drops price for its entry-level plan http://flip.it/DUeiJX
Trump begins Obamacare dismantling with executive order http://flip.it/5dDGvc
Yellowstone supervolcano may blow sooner than thought — and could wipe out life on the planet http://flip.it/s-Ae4h
Trump's Call to Shutdown Broadcast News Puts Media in No-Win Situation http://flip.it/493imt
Some legal pundits say NFL will face First Amendment lawsuit over forcing players to stand http://flip.it/NkeWw3
Steve Bannon warned Trump about the 25th Amendment, and Trump didn't know what it was http://flip.it/91jh8-

Sunday, October 8, 2017

6 Reasons Your Right-Wing Friend Isn’t Budging On Gun Control http://flip.it/LXxSIt
Trump on North Korea: 'Only one thing will work' http://flip.it/54dXJ6
Paul Ryan Comes Forward, Reveals Truth About Trump With Just 2 Words http://flip.it/WkoTXT
While Trying to Destroy Obamacare, Trump Says He’ll Work with Dems on Healthcare Reform http://flip.it/qiQceE
Chris Matthews Mocks Republicans Who Rightly Believe The ‘Right To Bear Arms Precedes The Constitution’ http://flip.it/1UPIei

Friday, October 6, 2017

A robot just performed one of the most precise medical procedures for the first time ever http://flip.it/mnCSvI
Statistician Who Championed Stringent Gun Control Now Argues Against It After Studying Data http://flip.it/yF0RzQ
Mattis Contradicts Trump on Iran Deal Ahead of Crucial Deadline http://flip.it/ftr4Je
FLASHBACK: Reporter Tries To Prove Buying An 'Assault Rifle' Is Easy, Gets REJECTED http://flip.it/vSVFm9
Conspiracy theorists are already having their doubts about the Vegas shootings http://flip.it/Jdtztq
The depressing truth about gun control http://flip.it/Iioj3W
Angry GOP donors close their wallets http://flip.it/94Eq11

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Rookie does something amazing

This NFL rookie did something unusual with his very first game check http://flip.it/cJ.Bcm

I didn't get to this

Democrats just keep winning Republican seats they shouldn't be winning http://flip.it/SSg0_2
Legends Football League Takes A Stand On Anthem Protests http://flip.it/goVXpP

Bye Felicia

Tennessee Titans Player Has One Word For Fans Threatening to Boycott NFL: 'Bye' http://flip.it/CNx7zZ

Don't send your kid to school with this

Boy, 6, takes a knee for school Pledge of Allegiance—and Mom isn’t pleased about what happened next http://flip.it/rXoZfn

Teachers Desecrate American Flag

SICK! Teachers desecrate American flag -- Inside a school library http://flip.it/zT5ns6

NFL Losing Sponsors

BACKLASH: NFL Loses First Sponsor Over National Anthem Protest http://flip.it/qe6Xih

NFL Fans demanding Refunds

BACKFIRE: NFL Fans Demanding Refunds Over National Anthem Protest. And They're Getting Them. http://flip.it/rbezq7

Monday, September 25, 2017

A little Irritated

If you couldn't tell, I was a little irritated on the last episode going out to the players and the NFL. They Spit in the face of what this country stands for, my family, and my friends, everyone who fights for freedom.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

A world without Blazing Saddles

Mel Brooks Says ‘Blazing Saddles’ Would Never Get Made Today Because Political Correctness ‘Is the Death of Comedy’ http://flip.it/Hh95jm

JFK still isn't declassified

Just In: CIA Rocked With Major News From Repubs About Secret JFK Files http://flip.it/4y8JFu

KJU as The Rocket Man.

North Korea says rockets to U.S. 'inevitable' after Trump dubs Kim 'rocket man' http://flip.it/2csfVI

Cotton @ Hobby Lobby

Woman who said Hobby Lobby cotton decoration is racist speaks out after widespread backlash http://flip.it/TSvTrc

SK's 1922 Comes to Netflix

Stephen King’s ‘1922’ is Coming to Netflix & It Looks Terrifying http://flip.it/9TIq3U

Beam me up Scotty

Is beaming down in Star Trek a death sentence? | Ars Technica http://flip.it/zd.Euy

I Forgot to turn on Skype

the last Episode that I did, I totally forgot to turn on Skype. the episode entitled... Saturday Edition Episode 3.


What happens when our computers get smarter than we are? | Nick Bostrom

Friday, September 22, 2017

Upcoming Show Information

A big welcome to TheHohOShow.com thank you for visiting. 

I have 2 shows in the works, both will be on the Saturday Edition and both will have a guest in studio.

ELD's and Trucker problems
Dresden Files as a GOT style series and whom should play different characters. 

I have no idea which of these will be next but i have confirmed the guest for both and am just waiting on confirmation with work schedule for when we can do it. 
     I am aware that both of these shows won't be for everybody as far as topic, but i know that with my guests it will be a very good time.

I'm looking forward to it.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

GOT spin-off

Why the Latest Game of Thrones Spin-Off News Is the Most Exciting Yet http://flip.it/WeZrGg

Eyes Open

Breaking: The US Just Showed Epic Military Strength Against North Korea http://flip.it/vpXTjo

A New Terminator

Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger Are Returning for the New Terminator Film http://flip.it/xngXJv

Even More Excited

as long as all goes well with this post, and it updates on my website. i will be an excited man

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